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Six misunderstandings about tooth care

Release Time:2014-06-24 16:21:31

The public dental health care mistakes, very popular love teeth tooth medical knowledge, reduce the incidence of diseases of the teeth number. Below we please six common mistakes expert interpretation of public dental care.

Misunderstanding one: brush your teeth too careless

"I sooner or later, brush your teeth regularly, but there are still several teeth moth eaten, is wrong not to brush your teeth?"

The brushing method is not a major cause of tooth decay. How to brush your teeth this problem has plagued many people. Brush your teeth every day two times the number of people, but really can do effective brushing your teeth are still small. Data shows, our country big city brushing rate has exceeded 99%, but the truly effective brushing ratio is less than 1%. In fact, brushing a purpose only, is to brush clean, as far as possible to reduce the number of gum, dental plaque surface.

According to the plaque every 8 hours re formation of the law, generally at least 2 times a day brush. As a result of plaque formation and metabolism at night more easily into the digestive tract, so don't ignore the habit of brushing teeth before bed. Brush teeth every time should be 3-5 minutes, 5 teeth on each of the teeth are guaranteed to brush 1 times. The correct brushing method is teeth up and down movement, after the first addition, then brush the occlusal surface, then brush the tongue two or three times to help the removal of oral smell.

In addition, the electric toothbrush is the rise in recent years, its design is more conducive to remove plaque, clean effect is improved more than 30% compared to a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrush with massage effect on the gums, are very helpful to prevent tooth decay, calculus and gingivitis. But whether the electric toothbrush or ordinary toothbrush, should choose soft bristles, the brush head is small, because it more easily into the oral cavity deeper positions, especially.

Misunderstanding two: scaling too much trouble

"That is a star, a rich man to do so, we pay attention to what!"

The provisions WHO, every 3-6 months will be scaling a. Although the teeth every day, but because of the problems such as brushing method, many people even brush the teeth or cannot thoroughly clean teeth. The tooth cleaning is not thorough, easy to cause dental calculus. Dental calculus once formed, will be more difficult to clean.

Dental calculus not only damage the gingiva and alveolar bone, and bacteria in dental plaque bacteria protein if into inflamed gingiva and periodontal tissue capillaries, likely caused by venous blood clotting, for slightly older point person, it can even cause heart disease. Scaling can reduce gingivitis, periodontitis symptom, but cannot be cured. In order to complete cure, still should be in after scaling to hospital for treatment.

Error three: the dentist so bitter

"I was afraid to look at the teeth, lying on the bed, watching the instrument into the mouth, heart an unsettled state of mind, so can drag on drag."

There are many patients fear of the dentist, pain, disease on drag, painkillers, ice or boil boil on the past, but dental disease is harder and more complicated. Some patients had to say may just fill a tooth is solved, to be serious to do again may be extraction, extraction tooth nerve.

Especially long wisdom teeth if feel painful must go to dental clinic. Can not be delayed, or eat painkillers to solve their own. Because sometimes the wisdom teeth long position is not good cause pericoronitis. For example, there is a kind of wisdom teeth will grow to be a "near the cable-stayed resistance extension", namely long inclined, it may cause the front tooth root decay, triangular gap and air is not easy to clean, such a wisdom tooth is a buried bomb, at any time the risk of onset, retention what are the benefits?

Misunderstanding four: never mind the gingival bleeding

"Usually the gum out of the blood, not what great".

The first is the periodontitis gingival bleeding. Many people brush teeth have such experience, a toothbrush in the mouth, spit bubbles in mixed with blood, and most of them do not pay attention to. Although periodontitis thoroughly cleared in medicine is not, but through the formal treatment, doctors can control inflammation, it is no longer deteriorating.

Manifestations of periodontitis had to eat pain, bleeding biting hard objects, later will appear loose teeth, shift. Then it is no longer clear, take medicine treatment, when necessary to execute the gum excision, the inflammatory tissue removal. In addition, some periodontitis patients with digestive tract inflammation, gastric ulcer and other diseases, this is because the screw acid bacteria in oral cavity embedded into the digestive tract and stomach caused by infection, should pay special attention to.

Misunderstanding five: extraction is looking for a cheap

"Tooth is looking for a cheap. The last time I extraction in the alley, and major hospitals have no difference, not pulled out!"

Doctor pointed out, tooth is not health easily transmitted high risk disease, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even aids.

The world oral tissue, oral operation tool must be after high temperature and high pressure disinfection, and one set of equipment, the doctor must wear protective goggles, masks and gloves operation. For example, the disposable syringe must first high temperature and high pressure steam, and then through the ethylene oxide sterilization using. But the informal small clinic is unable to achieve the extraction of disinfection and isolation, there is a big hidden danger. Some small clinic in order to save costs often in health measures is very careless, is not in place, such as the continuous use of molar dental drill many people, it is possible to infect many infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even aids.

Misunderstanding six: setup delay

"To hear people say 'with his teeth, take a car', we the people can afford?"

Doctor pointed out, there are many kinds of methods of the tooth, the most common of a pair of porcelain teeth in 600 yuan. Now the most expensive is imported from abroad for a tooth implant, the cost will be 8000 yuan. Patients can choose different teeth according to their own economic strength, with teeth, as long as the braces in teeth did not eat, tooth flesh no inflammation, a simple pair of porcelain teeth or have a longer life.

According to the "is not loaded with dentures have no" anti teeth, the world advocate the slogan is "80 years old and 20 teeth". The elderly are not empty tooth can cause a series of problems. For example, around the tooth displacement, upper and lower teeth growth of disorder, and effects of occlusal function, affect the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. So the doctor's advice, within 3 months after the tooth to tooth.